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Now, for the first time ever....


...this revolutionary
resource reveals the

philosophical origins and the Bible.


  • Key excerpts from original documents

  • Key thinkers & events

  • Historical Bible references

  • Review questions & 
    learning activities


  • Over 1000 endnotes

The Influence of the Bible on the Founding History and Principles of the United States of America for a People of Every Belief - Kamrath

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"A must-read for people of all faiths or
no faith."  -Dr. Rob Koons, Univ of Texas


"I cannot recall anything like this. Ever." 
-Dr. Cliff Kelly, Liberty University

What every American
needs to know....


The United States of America is modern

history's first and greatest experiment in self-government....


What principles and

ideas shaped the founding of America?  Where do

they come from?


What role does the Bible play in America's founding ideas and ethic?


Do Americans today understand what freedom really means?



Presented by the

American Heritage
Education Foundation, Inc.

Miracle of America - Angela Kamrath
American Heritage Education Foundation - AHEF - Fox News
Miracle of America - Angela Kamrath

America is a country founded on ideas. Yet studies show that Americans today are largely ignorant about the key principles and ideas that have shaped our nation. As a result, we have become more fragmented as a nation and unclear and divided about what our nation stands for and where it is headed--or where it should be heading. Without citizens’ learning of America’s founding principles and values, the American idea is rapidly weakening. America’s heritage is at risk in our society, culture, institutions, and education today.  


Even fewer Americans understand or agree that the United States is founded on principles largely rooted in Bible-based or Judeo-Christian thought. Some call ours a Christian nation, yet we have no national religion and uphold religious freedom for all. Others call it a secular society, yet we pledge “one nation under God.” This seeming contradiction is often misundersood and misrepresented.  What is the American ethic?  Where does it come from?  


The Miracle of America (Xulon Press, 2014) is an in-depth look at previously unexplored subject matter--America’s philosophical origins and its relation to the Bible.  It explains how our nation’s founding principles and values are rooted in Bible-based or Judeo-Christian thought. Ultimately, it shows how the Bible and Judeo-Christian thought are arguably the nation’s most significant foundational root and its enduring source of strength.  This essential resource includes facilitator ideas, review/research questions, and learning exercises for educational use.


Miracle of America has received endorsements from leading historians and educators and has been recognized as an unprecedented study on the connection between key American political-moral principles and Judeo-Christian principles.  


The Miracle of America is recommended reading for all citizens and families, teachers and students (higher ed and upper high school) to whom the American Founders have entrusted our self-governing republic.  Americans must learn, teach, defend, and preserve the American idea for our families and our nation so that it may endure.  This book is for people of all nations who endeavor to preserve and promote Freedom, Unity, Progress, and Responsibility (FUPR™) in America and the world.




















“An often intriguing book on religion and American politics, regardless
of one’s ideological bent.” - Kirkus Reviews


"Homeschooling parents will find it a valuable reference." - Marvin Olasky, WORLD Magazine


Available online at Xulon Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


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